Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured for all events. We are currently insured with commercial Express and are covered for Employers, Public and Products Liability up to £10,000,000.

Have your appliances been tested by a gas safe registered engineer?

Yes. All our equipment is tested every 6 months to ensure it complies too all-current regulations and more importantly its safe to use. Copies of documents are available upon request.

Has your electrical equipment been PAT tested?

Yes. All our electrical equipment is tested every 12 months to ensure its working correctly and safe.

Have your staff received training?

All our staff have received the relevant training to ensure they are working correctly and safely at your event.,/

Can you sell or serve alcohol at our event?

Yes. We are personal license holders so are authorized to organize events where alcohol is sold to the general public. We would have to apply to the local council to allow us to do this be we have the knowledge and experience to be able to arrange this for you.

How do you transport your food and equipment?

Van: We have a fully refrigerate van with 240V electric over night hook up. This allows us to transport all fresh meat, buffets and food correctly following all health and safety rules and regulations. The 240V electric hookup allows us to store food correctly even when the van is stationary. This allows our food to stay fresh when attending events for more than one day. The van will comfortably keep meat at a temperature of -10 if needed.

Trailer: We transport all our equipment in our purpose built trailer. The trailer has been modified and will house the hog roast machine and all the equipment needed to trade at your event.

Are you connected to any trade associations?

We are a member of The Nationwide Catering Association (NCASS). Our membership number is 8872. They are dedicated to providing caterers with the Information, Systems and Support to be safe and Legal. We use there due diligence system and they update us on all the latest regulations.

What equipment do you use?

Hog Machine: The connoisseurs hog roast machine. This amazing machine can do lots of different things all at the same time and is a truly multi-functional versatile hog roast machine. By utilising its two cooking levels it can cook a large pig and different joints of meat, or cook a pig and a full selection of vegetables and breads at the same time it really does have endless opportunities.

Rotisserie: The machine has an electric motor attachment that will slowly rotate the hog during the cooking process. The hog is secured on to the spit pole in 4 locations (1 at the front, 1 at the rear and 2 in the middle). This cooking method allows us to cook the meat for around 7 hours and will be more of a cooked joint of meat like you do at home.

Roasting tray (preferred method of cooking): This allows us to slowly cook the meat over many hours. We will place the hog onto the tray and leave it cooking for a minimum of 12 hours. We collect all the juice from the tray to keep the meat moist and succulent and add that extra flavor. Please note if we are cooking the hog at our unit and not at the event, the tray method is the only option due to having to transport the hog and machine.

BBQ: There is an attachment that will convert the machine into a large BBQ allowing us to cook for the masses. This is rarely used as we have 2 professional LPG gas BBQs we use when required.

Gazebo: We have 2 professional 3x3 popup gazebos to work in. Depending on the event and what we are serving will decide on how much space we need.

Will you have a full pig on display?

We are a hog roast company and our promise to you is we will always supply a whole pig at every event we do. We know to many company’s that call themselves a hog roast company but will supply joints of pork. They do this for one simple reason; it’s cheaper for them so they make more profit. We will only supply PackingtonFreeRange pigs too so you know its top quality and the pigs have lived a happy and healthy life in the great outdoors from birth.